The Latin word for  ”talk”  is DICO.  Within our research group we follow the Socratic questioning method, which is a form of a dialogue between researchers, to stimulate critical thinking, and to draw out ideas within the research group. We weekly host DISE DICO in which various topics are discussed, we also invite regularly guests to join. Our research group is focused at solving societal issues, such as the emergence of a dozen crypto-currencies and how these developments influence society at large, and how these developments can be derived and structured into research. 

  • Oct 11 Jia
  • Oct 25 Gamma (MSc candidate)
  • Nov 1 Isaac
  • Nov 8 Anna
  • Nov 15 Ahmad
  • Nov 22 Nedo
  • Nog 29 Jaap
  • Dec 6 Robert
  • Dec 13 Fadime